Global Institute for Conflict Resolution

As Founder of the Global Institute for Conflict Resolution, Dan is committed to shifting the adversarial focus of litigation to a holistic and courageous approach to resolving human conflict. His efforts are based on years of trial work, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, study and analysis of the human condition and corporate belief systems that spawn conflict. As a third-party neutral in the mediation process, it is his intention to bring integrity and intentionality to the negativity surrounding disputes leading to litigation and ultimately, mediation.

Through you as counsel, Dan will collect and analyze background information to establish a framework for designing a plan for mediation that appears to best suit the needs of the parties and the issues in dispute. Before the mediation begins, Dan will insure that all counsel and their clients understand the process to be used to facilitate a meaningful dialogue between the parties for case resolution. We will work together to define and refine the issues and set an agenda that identifies the known and hidden interests of the parties for the development and framing of the parameters for settlement of the conflict. As challenges arise in the mediation process, they will be proactively addressed honestly and respectfully.

What you can expect from Dan:

A Settlement Counselor

A Consensus Builder

A Collaborative Problem Solver

A Definitive Effort for a Win/Win Outcome Resolution

A Facilitated Process Reaching a Mutually Agreeable Outcome

A Third-Party Neutral

Conflict Resolution

Having served as lead trial counsel in hundreds of cases for both the Plaintiff and Defense, having been the CEO and President of two multi-national corporations and having mediated and/or resolved over 2,000 cases Dan is uniquely qualified to serve as your settlement guide and counselor through this process and would be honored to do so. He looks forward to working with you and collaborating on the settlement of your client’s case.